Online Govenance

Online governance is largely divided into active participants and delegates.

1. Active Participants

1) Requirements - Anyone, but require EL tokens to exercise votes. Number of EL staked = number of votes - Online delegates and offline governance group members are considered Active Participants
2) Roles - Proposals and votes for and issuing new real estate tokens - Policy decisions related to asset tokenization - Vote for and against new asset token issuance other than real estate - Approve new token issuers - Review and confirm property information
3) Reward - Staking revenue (25% of protocol revenue + mining revenue)

2. Online Delegates

1) Requirements - X number of EL tokens to deposit into the community pool - Must have majority votes by Active Participants
2) Roles - Validation and approval of real estate tokens proposed by the offline governance group * Required quorum and approval rates may vary by asset token types.
3) Reward - Staking revenue (15% of protocol revenue + mining revenue)
4) Obligations - If a flaw in the asset token data approved by the delegation is detected and confirmed by another party, a number of EL tokens determined by Active Participants will be permanently burned from their deposits. - If the minimum deposit is not met, the facilitator will be automatically disqualified and another election will take place.