Staking program

ELYSIA Protocol operates a EL token staking program. There are two main objectives:

1. Granting the right to vote for governance

Voting rights for online and offline governance are granted in proportion to the amount of EL staked. Various policies can be proposed and voted against, with more details on the governance section.

2. Rewards for participation

Participants are entitled to rewards for contributing to the ecosystem. Proceeds for rewards are obtained through the following mechanisms
1) Protocol revenue Protocol revenue from minting fees and Utility Dapps will be received in EL and attributed to the staking pool as below. The distribution ratio may be revised through governance proposals. (1) Token Burn : 50% (2) Online governance (Active Participants) : 25% (3) Online governance (Delegation) : 15% (4) Offline governance (Facilitators) : 8% (5) Offline governance (Representative) : 2% * These figures are examples and are subject to market conditions prior to the launch of the staking program.
2) Mining revenue Mining revenue serves to preserve the staking return until protocol revenue is high on its own. Specific plans for the mining program will be announced in a separate notice.