ELYSIA Protocol

[ELYSIA Protocol Diagram]
Elysia DAO proposes protocol standards to migrate real estate assets onto the Ethereum network and other public blockchains. The process for real estate assets to be tokenized and traded on the blockchain are described in the diagram above.
To ensure the value of the assets are preserved in the network, it should either 1) contain applicable laws linked to tokenized assets so that the contract remains in effect or 2) systemize strategic conflict and cooperation to maintain value.
The Elysia protocol provides governance structures and carefully calculated game rules that can give legal power to digitized assets, designed to make them worthwhile as assets themselves.
As shown in the diagram above, tokenized real estate assets are created by dividing them into four components - issuance, distribution, liquidation, and oracle - all in conjunction with the designed game rule.
In addition, the Elysia protocol is considering the use of multiple blockchain networks (including Ethereum) for user convenience. Most blockchain networks are distinctly divided according to their unique characteristics, and applications are usually developed in conformed structures set by each blockchain. The design takes into account the compatibility between networks so that users can participate by choice and reduce the burden and vulnerability of sticking to one mainnet.